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marilyncombs in: Anywhere Alabama United States
I would like to meet someone who has similar interests, but who can introduce different activities into my life. . . I consider myself to be a fun-loving, very caring & easy-going person. I usually put others before myself. I'll do anything for someone I love. just hoping to meet a soul mate here, A new love, relationship (Mr Right) i don't know if its you ?I am GOD FEARING LOYAL HUMBLE caring woman, honest romantic submissive, loving, and faithful. I'm a open hearted and have much love to share with a honest and serious man with no games.
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fastfive2015 in: pasadena California United States
i was driving my 2016 lamborghini gallardo and i saw a beautiful red ferrari and 2 black convertible porsche carrera u cut thru me i want to know who are u and if u want to join me in a race for 50000 dollars winners take all
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SupraInLexusClothing in: Irvington New York United States
Hey ladies, would you like a ride in my turbo is300? I guarantee you'll have fun ;) Westchester area.
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n2deep in: Los Angeles California United States
I was in a green Honda Accord 2D and you were in black Camry. You cut in front of me and then I did the same to you. It was Saturday night in west Hollywood. You know who you are:) hmu
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nia27 in: Atlanta Georgia United States
I saw you last night on MLK Jr/Northside. You were in black BMW, 3series with two other friends. I passed you and waved at you at the intersection :P
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Nicky89 in: New York New York United States
Are there any cute guys in New York who what to race my MINI Cooper:)?
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barb in: San Francisco California United States
I saw you last night around 6PM on the corner of Van Ness and Market St. You were in black 2 door Mercedes with NY plates. Hope to re-connect.
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lizzydoe in: Brooklyn New York United States
Today I was sitting in traffic on Brooklyn bridge. You - guy in a black Nissan Altima were sitting next to me. We exchanged smiles and you asked me to roll my window down. I was hesitant then:) Write to me if you're reading this.
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happy1am in: New York New York United States
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cfillimore in: Seattle Washington United States
Almost every day on my way to work I see this black BMW 750. Occasionally we exchange smiles. If you are reading this you know I am talking about you. I live in Clyde Hill area so do you.....I hope it's not too late for us to get to know each other.
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Eura in: Ocean City Maryland United States
I saw you this afternoon on Coastal Hwy/45 St. You were in black new Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you're reading this you definitely remember me....
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jlaudio27 in: Brewster New York United States
I see you (female, looks to be in her 20s) every morning on Route 22 in Brewster NY in a 2010 er 2011 white Honda Accord. Can't ever seem to get to pull up next to you, there is always someone in the way!